1. What if birds had wheels for legs


    And every time they wanted to fly they had to take off like an airplane

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  2. meladoodle:

    *prosecuting lawyer voice* i have only one question for the defendant… ‘guiltypersonsayswhat?’
    haha owned you’re going to jail

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  3. maths-sucks:

    im such a sarcastic bitch it’s beautiful

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  5. kidswithhats:

    when the teacher finally tells the annoying kid in ur class to be quiet


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  6. partybarackisinthehousetonight:

    dear board of education, 
    i am too

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  7. thickmints:



    imagine having a boyfriend that takes you to concerts

    imagine having a boyfriend that takes you to his concerts

    Imagine having a boyfriend

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    1. Guy: I like natural women!
    2. Guy: Ew body hair!
    3. Guy: Ew pimples!
    4. Guy: Ew acne scars!
    5. Guy: Ew stretch marks!
    6. Me: You have no idea what natural means do you?

  8. thank you stretch marks for being on my legs I really appreciate it